This page is for ABSTRACT paintings, collages and paintings with a more contemporary approach.

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 Tropical Days - Acrylic
Abstract Autumn Landscape - Acrylic
White Tulips - Acrylic
Still Life with Figs - Oil
Race Against Time - Acrylic
Maths: Ancient Civilization to Outer Space  - Acrylic
Purple Irises - Oil
Colourful Landscape - Oil
Flight - Acrylic
Bright Summers Day - Acrylic
Autumn Landscape - Oil
Wild Flowers - Acrylic
Caxton i - Mixed Media Caxton2.jpg (61097 bytes)
Caxton ii - Acrylic Caxton.jpg (46923 bytes)
Caxton iii - Mixed Media Caxton 3.jpg (65131 bytes)
World of CAMI - Collage World of CAMI.jpg (66307 bytes)
Man Still Has a Lot to Learn - Acrylic
Lenses - Oil Lense.jpg (59049 bytes)
News - Mixed Media News.jpg (55553 bytes)
Granite - Acrylic Granite.jpg (35613 bytes)

Estelle Both
P O Box 5021, Weltevreden Park 1715, South Africa 
Phone and Fax : (+2711) 679-1868


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